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MiniTest 650 Coating Thickness Gauge

  • For any non-magnetic coatings on steel such as paint, enamel, chrome, zinc, etc.

  • For any insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals such as paint, anodizing, ceramics on aluminum, copper, zinc die-cast, brass, etc.

  • Ram and impact protected through rubber rimmed casing.

  • Sensor with newly developed wear-resistant carbide metal tip






The battery-operated gage features a backlit display and a one meter sensor cable. The newly developed one pole sensor is made of a wear-and-tear resistant carbide material to ensure a virtually unlimited life cycle under normal condition use.

An optimal ram - and impact - protection is provided through the rubber rimmed casing. Via an USB interface, the MiniTest 650 can be connected to a PC for on-line measurements or display of the statistics.

MiniTest 650 is available in three different models:

  • with a magnetic-induction sensor for measurements on steel substrates
  • with an eddy currents sensor for measurements on non-ferrous metals
  • with a dual sensor for measuring on both steel or non-ferrous metals

Special feature of the FN model:
Its dual sensor identifies the substrate material. Upon contact with the surface, the gage automatically switches to the suitable measuring principle based on your application. The measuring principle conforms to the DIN, ISO, BS and ASTM norms and standards.

Designed for durability and high-precision, MiniTest 650 is the ideal tool for any measuring task in the finishing industry.

The rugged and easy-to-handle thickness gage combines extended mechanical life on the one hand and high accuracy on the other hand to meet the requirements of any professional user in the shipbuilding, automotive, bridge building, construction or other industry.

According to model, MiniTest 650 is suitable to measure:

  • any non-magnetic coatings such as paint, enamel, chrome and zinc on steel
  • any insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals such as paint, anodizing, ceramics on
    aluminum, copper, zinc die-cast, brass, etc.


Technical Data

Technical Data
Measuring Range: Model F (steel) 0 - 3000μm / 120 mils
Model N (non-ferrous metal) 0 - 2000 μm / 80 mils
Model FN (dual sensor) 0 - 2000 μm / 80 mils
Measuring Uncertainty: ±(2% of reading + 2 μm) / ±(2% of reading + 0.08 mils)
Minimum Curvature Radius: 5 mm / 0.2” convex 25 mm / 1” concave
Minimum Measuring Area: Ø20 mm / 0.8”
Minimum Base Thickness: 0.5 mm / 20 mils (F) 50 μm / 2 mils (N)
Display: 4-digit screen date (11 mm / 0.44”)
Measuring Units: μm - mils user selectable
Calibration: Standard, 1-point and 2-point calibration
Statistics: Calculated from maximum 9.999 readings, mean value, standard deviation, number of readings, minimum and maximum
Interface: USB
Power Supply: 3 Micro AAA batteries (for more than 10,000 readings)
Dimensions and Weight: Housing: 2.7 x 4.8 x 1.25 inches / 70 x 122 x 32 mm
Sensor: Ø 15mm x 62mm / Ø 0.60” x 2.44”; 225 grams / 7.93 ozs
Ambient Temperature: Gage: 0 to 50°C / 32° to 122°F
Sensor: -10° to 70°C / 14° to 158°F



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Gage complete with sensor, Calibration standard(s), Operating instructions, Three batteries, Control standard(s), Soft pouch, CD with MSOFT Software (USB cable included), and operating NIST
DF-MIN/097005 MiniTest 650 Model F (steel), 120 mils (0-3000 μm) $875.00
DF-MIN/097010 MiniTest 650 Model N (non-ferrous metal), 80 mils (0-2000 μm) 995.00
DF-MIN/097015 MiniTest 650 Model FN (dual sensor), 80 mils (0 - 2000 μm) 1,095.00
Available with NIST Certification. Add /C to the part number and $165.00 to the price.
Optional Accessories - Call for Pricing
• High-precision measuring stand for measuring small parts
• Data transfer program Msoft7000 basic edition, USB
• Rechargeable batteries with batter charger
• USB connecting cable


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