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Gardco / Wolff Wilborn Pencil Scratch Hardness Tester

ISO 15184, ASTM D3363, JIS K-5600, ECCA-T4-1, BS 3900-E19, SNV 37113, SIS 184187, NEN 5350, MIL C 27 227

Gardco/Wilborn Pencil Scratch Tester


• Self-alignment and positioning
• Automatically locates pencil to proper load
• Made from 303 Stainless Steel

The Gardco/Wolff Wilborn Pencil Test offers 2 choices of either mechanical pencil or certified UNI pencils. The scratch hardness test determines the resistance of coatings to scratch effects on the surface.

This test is of particular value for furniture or vehicle lacquers, but it is also a useful aid in the development of synthetic resins or other film forming substances.



The Wolff/Wilborn pencil test uses constant pressure and variable hardness of the graphite lead as its fundamental principle. Pencils of varying hardness, starting with the hardest lead, are moved over the surface under a fixed pressure of 7.5 Newtons (765g±2%) and at a fixed angle of 45 degrees to the surface.

The degree of hardness of the pencil which damages the surface is taken as a measurement for scratch hardness. Under ASTM, fourteen pencil leads in the range from 6B to 6H are used. (7H, 8H, and 9H are sold separately.) The pencil leads can be exchanged quickly and easily. The test method is fully described in ASTM D3363-92a and ECCA T4 (1984).

Instructions for Use

The test surface needs to be correctly prepared in accordance with the specification being used. In all cases, it must be flat and smooth. The test should be performed at 73°F ±4°F (23°C ±2°C) with a relative humidity of 50 ±5% (ECCA;T4) or 73.5°F ±3.5°F (23°C ±2°C) and 50 ±5% relative humidity (ASTM D3363). A 5.5 x 9” abrasion sheet of 400 grit sandpaper is provided for fine dressing in compliance with ASTM D3363.
  1. Select the hardest lead or wooden pencil.
  2. Place lead in holder. In the case of wood pencils, remove approximately 3/16 to 1/4" (5 to 6mm) of wood from the pencil using a pencil sharpener. Load the pencil in the upright alignment tool. Using the pencil alignment tool 90° to the abrasive paper, rotate until a flat, smooth and circular cross section is obtained, free of chips or nicks on the edge of the cross section. (Fig. 1)
  3. To set the proper pencil depth, carefully place the tester upright (Fig. 2) on a flat and stable substrate such as a granite surface plate, being careful the hardness tester does not tip over.
    Wolff Wilborn Pencil Scratch Hardness Tester
  4. Insert the dressed pencil until it rests on the substrate. Tighten the knurled set screw to secure pencil in position.
  5. Place the instrument on the test surface and push it forward approximately 1/4 - 1/2" (6 - 12mm). Be sure to hold the gauge by the wheel hubs.
  6. Examine the coating for indentation or scratching. Continue the process until a pencil/lead is found that will neither cut through nor scratch the surface of the film/coating.
  7. Report the hardest pencil/lead that will not rupture or scratch the film.

Pencil Scale



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Abrasive paper, dressing tool, carrying case and sandpaper paddle
HA-340101 GARDCO/Wolff Wilborn Pencil Scratch Hardness Tester Kit, with mechanical pencil & lead set $485.10
HA-340103 GARDCO/Wolff Wilborn Pencil Scratch Hardness Tester Kit, with Certified JPIA 17-pencil set (7H, 8H & 9H NOT available certified) 601.65
Pencil Leads
HA-3363/2B Turquoise Lead 2B set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/2H Turquoise Lead 2H set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/3B Turquoise Lead 3B set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/3H Turquoise Lead 3H set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/4B Turquoise Lead 4B set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/4H Turquoise Lead 4B set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/5B Turquoise Lead 5B set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/5H Turquoise Lead 5H set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/6B Turquoise Lead 6B set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/6H Turquoise Lead 6H set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/B Turquoise Lead B set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/F Turquoise Lead F set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/H Turquoise Lead H set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3363/HB Turquoise Lead HB set of 12 Leads 22.05
HA-3411 Mechanical Pencil Lead Holder, replacement 23.10
HA-3414 Turquoise Lead Set, replacement (14 leads 6B-6H ) 38.85
HA-H501-08 8H sold individually with limited availability P.O.R
11680 5.5 x 9" 400 grit sandpaper sheet replacement, ASTM D3363 10.00
HA-3460 Certified Mitsubishi UNI/JPIA set of 17 pencils 6B-9H (Certificates NOT available for items 7H, 8H & 9H) 174.30
HA-3468 Pencil Sharpener (point and trim) 13.65
HA-3419 Pencil Lead Dressing Tool, replacement 13.65


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