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temp-gard pro & basic

Oven Temperature Recorder

1. Plug & Go

  • Small, modern data logger
  • Large color screen for measurement setup direct on logger
  • 6 (basic) or 12 (pro) high-quality type "K" probes can be connected
  • Detection of connected probes
  • Temperature profile on display
  • USB interface provides easy data transfer for on-site evaluation
  • Long battery life with 2 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Certified high accuracy for long-term reliable results
  • Small Logger, Big Display





temp-gard pro - The temp-gard temperature recorder systems measure and save object and air temperature during the cure process. Documentation and analysis of temperature profiles is made easy with the included temp-chart software. BYK-Gardner offers a complete line of oven recorders, which allow you to control and optimize your baking process - independent of paint system or measurement points.

The large color LCD display allows setting the measurement parameters directly on the logger and the temperature profile of all connected probes is displayed on the screen. Two standard AA Alkaline batteries ensure a long battery life. USB interfaces provide quick and easy data transfer to the PC. The certified high accuracy guarantees long-term reliable results.

The high-performance thermal barrier is compact and light weight with magnetically attached cooling elements. The thermal characteristics were designed with a temperature buffer to be safe for all common coatings - waterborne, solventborne or powder - up to 2 hours at 250°C. The robust stainless steel housing is easy to clean and its rounded corners provides ergonomic handling.

temp-gard basic - The temp-gard basic temperature recorder system consists of a small logger with a large, easy-to-read color display, a robust yet light weight thermal barrier and temp-chart basic software for fast and easy Pass/Fail data analysis. The ideal solution for industrial coating applications: all you need to control and optimize your baking process.

The thermal barrier is robust, yet compact and easy to carry. The thermal characteristics are designed with a temperature buffer to be safe for all common coatings - waterborne, solventborne or powder - up to 2 hours at 250°C. The robust anodized aluminum housing is chemical resistant and its cooling elements are handy.

Easy Data Analysis temp-chart basic offers all essential parameters for analysis and optimization of your curing process. The use of Organizers standardizes the measurement analysis. Based on the curing conditions of your coating system the Pass/Fail analysis will show when the Cure Index or other critical values were exceeded. Measurement reports are user definable.


Technical Data

Technical Data
  temp-gard pro temp-gard basic
Temperature Range: 32 - 752°F (0 - 400°C)
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Resolution: 0.18°F (0.1°C) from 32 - 752°F (0 - 400°C)
Sampling Interval: 0.1 sec up to 5 min
Thermal Barrier Dimensions: 10.0 x 8.5 x 5.3 in (25.5 x 21.5 x 13.5 cm) 10.6 x 8.5 x 5.5 in (27 x 21.5 x 14 cm)
Maximum Duration: At 100°C, 8.5 hrs; at 200°C, 2.5 hrs; at 250°C, 2.0 hrs
Memory: 240,000 readings
Interface: USB 2.0
Display: Color, 3.1 x 2.4 in (7.9 x 6 cm )
Battery Capacity: 0.5 sec interval = 25 hrs (AA Alkaline)



  • Temperature Probes for Any Application
  • High quality thermocouple type "K" with special limits of error 1.1°C or 0.4 % (ANSI MC 96.1)
  • Magnets or clamps do not influence measurement results
  • Connection cable of 1.5 m (59 in), 3 m (118 in) and 8 m (315 in) length available
  • Response time for 100% measuring range from 5 seconds to 2.5 minutes depending on probe style
  • Can be used as replacement probes for other datalogger brands

Style C / Style A

Style B / Style D

Style F (0.3mm) / Style F

Style G / Style J

Style E

Style H

Style I


Adhesion Tape for Foil Probe Heat Sink Pro Thermal Barrier Pro temp-gard Logger 12 p


temp-chart pro


Professional Documentation and Analysis of your Curing Process - temp-chart pro is an easy-to-use software for documentation and analysis of the temperature profile. temp-chart was developed in close cooperation with leading automotive manufacturers. To analyze the curing data measured with temp-gard, tempchart will merge the temperature data with oven parameters and analysis criteria to generate a temperature profile. Data will be stored in a database for professional documentation and easy access. The oven process can be optimized with means of the BYK-Gardner Cure Index and Cure Chart.

Organizer Set-up - standardize measurement and sample labeling - Organizers facilitate the setup of measurement parameters and the sample identification, like the number and name of probes, measuring frequency, duration time and starting modes. Product schematics help to define specific sampling procedures. Sensor names can be merged for long term trend comparison. The entered information can be used for filtering or arrangement of the measured data saved in the database. Typical identifiers are name, date and title.

Speed up your QC with defined procedures - Complete your curing process analysis with a click. Predefined QC procedures can be assigned to an organizer for automatic data analysis after data transfer.

  • Curing conditions - duration time at specific temperature levels
  • Oven specifications - speed, zone numbers, oven length
  • Tolerance curves or Pass/Fail conditions with traffic light indication or highlighted fail values for analysis at a glance.

Additionally, the Cure Chart analysis quickly determines the efficiency ot the curing process and which temperature sensors have met the cure conditions.

Data analysis - Detailed measurement reports - Depending on your needs, temp-chart offers a variety of measurement reports. The user can define the protocol content: Graphic with temperature profile and upper/lower limits

  • Cure Chart analysis
  • Data table with Pass/Fail info based on user defined parameters
  • Product schematics and process information



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
temp-gard pro

All Models Include**: Temperature logger (3318 or 3320), Thermal barrier pro (3325), Heat sink pro (3326), USB interface cable (6337), 2 AA batteries, Software temp-chart pro (3311), Certificate, Manual, Carrying case and 1/2 day training. **Other models include additional items, listed below.

TH-3329 - 2x Temperature logger 12p (3320) instead of (3318), 24 magnetic probes: 2x Air probe D, 3 m (3131), 22x Object probe B, 3 m (3125) or 24 clamp probes: 2x Air probe C, 3 m (3128), 22x Object probe A, 3 m (3122), 2x Thermal barrier pro (3325), 2x Heat sink pro (3326), 2x USB interface cable (6337), 2x 2 AA batteries, 2x Software temp-chart pro (3311), Certificate, Manual, Carrying case and 1/2 day training

TH-3306 temp-gard pro 6p, no probes - 6 probe connections at logger; No probes* $6,895.00
TH-3307 temp-gard pro 6p C - 6 clamp probes, one air probe, 5 object probes 7,800.00
TH-3308 temp-gard pro 12p, no probes - 12 probe connections at logger; No probes* 8,200.00
TH-3309 temp-gard pro 12p C - 2 clamp probes, one air probe, 11 object probes 9,300.00
TH-3317 temp-gard pro 6p - 6 magnetic probes, one air probe, 5 object probes 7,800.00
TH-3319 temp-gard pro 12p - 12 magnetic probes, one air probe, 11 object probes 10,600.00
TH-3329 temp-gard dual - 24 magnetic probes, 2 air probes, 22 object probes 16,960.00
*Probes must be ordered separately for temp-gard 3306 & 3308
Note: temp-chart license fee for more than two installations is quantity dependent.
temp-gard basic

temp-gard 6p data logger, 6 probes, Thermal barrier basic, Set of heat sinks basic, temp-chart basic software, Interface cable to PC, 2 AA Alkaline batteries, Operating manual, Certificate, Carrying case and 1/2 day training
TH-3341 temp-gard basic - 6 magnetic probes = one air probe, 5 object probes 4,500.00
TH-3345 temp-gard basic C - 6 clamp probes = one air probe, 5 object probes 4,500.00
TH-3346 temp-gard basic, no probes - 6 probe connections at logger; no probes* 4,500.00
*Probes must be ordered separately for temp-gard 3346
Note: temp-chart license fee for more than two installations is quantity dependent.
TH-3121 Object Probe A, 1.5m - clamp 243.00
TH-3122 Object Probe A, 3m - clamp 265.00
TH-3123 Object Probe A, 8m - clamp 330.00
TH-3124 Object Probe B, 1.5m - magnet 273.00
TH-3125 Object Probe B, 3m - magnet 294.00
TH-3126 Object Probe B, 8m - magnet 330.00
TH-3127 Air Probe C, 1.5m - clamp 212.00
TH-3128 Air Probe C, 3m - lamp 243.00
TH-3129 Air Probe C, 8m - clamp 273.00
TH-3130 Air Probe D, 1.5m - magnet 273.00
TH-3131 Air Probe D, 3m - magnet 294.00
TH-3132 Air Probe D, 8m - magnet 330.00
TH-3133 Foil Probe 117.00
TH-3134 Open Probe F, 1.5m 87.00
TH-3135 Open Probe F, 3m 101.00
TH-3136 Open Probe F, 8m 189.00
TH-3147 Special Open Probe (0.3mm) 173.00
TH-3146 Object Probe G - eyelet 4.5 mm Ø / 932°F (500°C) 214.00
TH-3149 Washer Probe J - eyelet 6 mm Ø 199.00
TH-3143 IR Probe H - magnet 332.00
TH-3144 IR Probe I - clamp 301.00
TH-3137 Extension 3m 202.00
TH-3138 Extension 5m 224.00
TH-3311 temp-chart pro - analysis: Cure Index, Cure Chart, graph, critical values, tolerance, QC procedure 1,900.00
TH-3344 temp-chart basic - analysis: Cure Index, graph, critical values 1,100 .00
TH-3325 Thermal Barrier pro - incl. 2 heat sinks, max duration at 250°C, 2h 2,400.00
TH-3342 Thermal Barrier basic - incl. 2 heat sinks, max duration at 250°C, 2h 1,450.00
TH-3326 Heat Sink pro - 1 piece 320.00
TH-3343 Heat Sink basic - 1 piece 320.00
TH-3320 temp-gard logger 12p - logger with 12 probe connections 4,700.00
TH-3318 temp-gard logger 6p - logger with 6 probe connections 3,800.00
TH-6337 USB Interface Cable - to connect the logger to the PC, USB-A plug, 3 m length 37.00
TH-3038 Adhesive Tape for foil probe - heat-proof adhesive tape for attachment of foil probes 143.00


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