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DPM 200, 300 and 400

Digital Pocket Microscopes

The DPM instruments deliver crisp, clear color images with a resolution up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. The integrated LED illumination can be switched on/off, which allows optional external illumination for special investigations. The touch button on the DPM is pressed to capture an image. With the DPM placed directly upon a surface, the focus wheel has two positions giving different magnification levels. The DPM can also be placed on a distance above the test surface and will then view a larger area.

The DPM standard application software (included) features dimension calibration, background correction and image enhancements. Captured images are stored in a database together with comments, manual measurements (distance, area, angle and radius). Live images may be continually analyzed to provide instant results. All may be exported/imported and printed as reports. The DPM application runs under Windows operating systems XP/Vista/W7/W8 (32/64 bit).

Different modules are used to group functionality. Currently there are three modules, Paint, Print and Textile.



Paint Module Features

  • Buchholz Indentation - Is used to measure the impact of an edge pressed against a painted surface.
  • Cross Cut Adhesion - Determines how well a paint is adhered to a painted surface.
  • Byko-Cut Film Thickness (Tooke Paint Inspection Gage) - Measures the thickness of multiple coating layers.
  • Cupping Test - Determines the elasticity of a painted surface when stretched.
  • Duro-Test Hardness - Is a scratch test of a painted surface.
  • Color Mottle - Shows the spatial variation of a painted area.
  • Color Check (24-bit) - Determines the average color of a selected region.


Textile Module Advanced Features

  • Cleanliness - Determines how clean a soiled textile is after washing.
  • Stain Spreading - Determines the dynamic spreading of a liquid droplet (e.g. oil)
  • Stain Saturation - Reveals how quickly a liquid droplet penetrates through a textile.
  • Abrasion Test - Determines how a textile can withstand rubbing.
  • Color Mottle - Shows the spatial variation of a colored textile.
  • Color Bleeding - Determines the separation of two adjacent colors applied on a textile.
  • Color Check (24-bit) - Determines the average color of a selected region


Print Module Features

  • Dots - Counts dots and satellites, measures average area (mm2), standard deviation of area and percentage of total area.
  • Voids - Counts voids, measures average area (mm2), standard deviation of area. Voids are detected when a solid black area has white, unprinted spots in it.
  • Lines - Lines automatically characterize the Leading and Trailing edges of a line with respect to its Angle, Blurriness and Raggedness together with the Width (mm) and Contrast of the line according to the ISO 13660 specifications.
  • Mottling - Mottling and Graininess characterize how evenly a uniformly printed area appears to the human eye.
  • Shapes - The Shape function will automatically characterize the area (mm2), widths (mm), height (mm) and perimeter (mm) of a selected object inside the defined ROI (region of interest).
  • Missing dots - Determines the number of missing dots in a regular printed pattern.
  • Color - Displays average color in the ROI area.
  • Fusing cracks - Use Fusing cracks to determine the magnitude toner loss in a fold.
  • Color mottle - Mottling is calculated using the grayscale brightness differences of image pixels. Color mottling is calculated using color point distances in a 3D RGB color cube. The cube is dimensioned so that the grayscale running between the black and white corners of the cube is the same as for grayscale mottling.
ISO Print Mottle
Detected as a "cloudy" pattern in halftone areas
Missing Dots
Measures average dot size and spacing in real-time
Color Meaurements
Color Measurements


Technical Data

Technical Data
Model DPM 200 DPM 300 DPM 400
Resolution: 1.3 megapixel (1280 x 1024 pixels)
Magnification: 10x~70x, 200x 20x~200x 10x~70x, 200x
Interface: USB 2.0, High speed USB transmission
No. of LEDs: 8 8 4+4
LED on/off switchable: Yes
LED color: White White 4 UV LEDs 390nm- 400nm + 4 White LEDs (Emission Filter Cutoff Wavelength: 425nm)
Material: Composite
Microtouch: Yes
Output: Picture, video and time-lapsed video
Video Frame Rate: Up to 30 frames-per-second, 15fps at 1.3M
Measurement: Yes (line, radius, circle, 3-point circle, etc.)
Calibration: Yes
Filter/Diffuser: No Built-in polarizer UV filter
Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32/64 bit)
Special: - - For scientific and engineering research/inspection
Other: - The polarization effect can be turned on/off or can be adjusted to offer full or


DPM Models

DPM 200 DPM 200
For the serious precision applications the DPM 200 has a high resolution of 1.3 megapixel and an adjustable magnification of approximately 10 to 70 times as well as 200x. This model also provides the possibility to calibrate the microscope for measurements. Most used model in the industrial field.

This unit is suggested for use with the Print Module
DPM 300 DPM 300
By using a special polarization filter, the DPM 300 is the right choice when working with the high glare materials such as plastics and metals. This model is delivered with three exchangeable caps: an open cap, a closed cap and a cap with polarization filter.

This unit is suggested for use with the Paint & Print Module. The polarization filter is utilized for highly reflective substrates
DPM 400 DPM 400
The DPM 400 has two types of LED lights that are switchable between white and UV light. This model has a filter to filter out the returning UV light so that an image with natural colors can be obtained. Also available without return filter (model 4113T-VW) and in a version with 375 nm LEDs (model 4113T-FV2W).

This unit is suggested for use with the Textile Module
  The suggested modules above is what the models are most suited for, however they will work with the other modules as well.



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Selected instrument, Metal Holder, calibration sheet, CD with instructions and software and a Free 30-Day Trial of all three modules.
MC-301201 DPM 200 Standard White LED (standard software included) $1,149.00
MC-301203 DPM 300 Standard Polarized Light (standard software included) 1,329.00
MC-301205 DPM 400 Standard White/UV Light (standard software included) 1,219.00
MC-301211 DPM 200 Advanced White LED (used for print module)* 2,169.00
MC-301213 DPM 300 Advanced Polarized Light (used for paint module)* 2,359.00
MC-301215 DPM 400 Advanced White/UV Light (used for textile and coatings)* 2,239.00
(Advanced models include all 3 modules. After the FREE 30-Day Trial, pick one to keep.)
MC-301321 DPM Metal Holder for flat surfaces***
This removable metal holder is suitable for measurements in direct contact with a flat or slightly curved surface as the weight keeps the microscope standing upright. It prevents stray light from entering the test area and the front has a protective PTFE gasket to prevent the test surface from being scratched. (Included in all new DPM's)
Metal Holder 199.00
MC-301331 DPM Extension Tube
Use when viewing larger surfaces isolated from external light. Satisfied the ISO 13660 mottle requirement of at least 161 mm2 measuring area.
Extension Tube 199.00
MC-301441 DPM Software Upgrade Standard to Advanced** 1,249.00
MC-301451 DPM Software, Standard Single License 299.00
MC-301453 DPM Software, Advanced Single License 879.00
MC-301461 DPM Software, Standard Multi-Licenses (5 licenses) 539.00
MC-301463 DPM Software, Advanced Multi-Licenses (5 licenses) 1,749.00
MC-301491 Printed DPM User's Manual (non printed version included in software) 59.00
* Includes one module, Print, Paint or Textile
** For DPM 200/300/400 select one module of Print, Paint or Textile
*** Included with all DPM 200/300/400 models


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