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Trade-In Offer Microm II Film Applicators
Patent No. 7,930,991

Casting Knife Film Applicators

Reference: ASTM D823

  • No springs to break, rust or get clogged

  • Detachable blade makes cleaning easy

  • Enhanced accuracy

  • Ergonomic design facilitates fast/accurate drawdowns




Place applicator at upper end of test panel. Pour coating directly in front of the knife-blade. Draw applicator toward lower end of panel at an approximate uniform rate of 10 to 12 inches (250-300mm) per second. Clean applicator immediately after use and thoroughly dry the blade. Caution: Do not wet or submerse micrometer heads.

How to Read the Analog Micrometer Head

Microms Microms
Mil Measurement - Used on the Imperial Microm film applicator, each graduation on the Thimble Scale equals 0.001 in. = 1mil. The first visible number is 1 which is 0.001 in. = 1 mil, the second number is 2 which is 0.002 in. = 2 mils, etc. One complete revolution is 25 graduations = 0.025 in. = 25 mils. The first increment on the Sleeve Scale = 0.025 in. = 25 mils, the second increment on the Sleeve Scale = 0.050 in. = 50 mils, the third increment on the sleeve = 0.075 in. = 75 mils, etc. Micron Measurement - Used on the Metric Microm film applicator, each graduation on the Thimble Scale is 0.01 mm, the first visible number is 5 which is 5 graduations = 0.05 mm = 50 microns. One complete revolution is 50 graduations which is 0.50mm = 500 microns. The first increment on the Sleeve Scale is .50 mm = 500 micron, the second increment on the Sleeve Scale is 1 mm = 1000 microns, etc.

Zero Verification

Before use, check the zero settings of the micrometers. Place applicator on a polished granite flat plate or alternatively plate-glass of suitable size. Set micrometers at zero. The blade should touch the glass/granite flat plate from end to end without the side plate being elevated. When the applicator is placed between the observer and a bright back light the user should see no light from beneath the blade and side plates. The zero point should check within ± 0.0005". If not adjustment is required, place slight but constant pressure on the top support rods of the applicator with one hand. Rotate the micrometers so the blade is seated on the granite flat plate evenly from end to end and ensure no light is observed. Loosen the set screw on the top of the thimble on the micrometer, this will release the top thimble from the spindle. Align the zero mark on the thimble with the zero mark on the micrometer barrel and secure the set screw. Repeat if necessary to assure a proper zero is achieved.

Cautionary Note: Make sure that there is no foreign matter such as iron fillings adhering to the blade magnets as this might result in improper applicator calibration.

For information on laying down wet films of coating materials refer to ASTM Specification D823, Producing Films of Uniform Thickness of Paint, Varnish, Lacquer and Related Products on Test Panels.


Microm II - Gardco's Adjustable Micrometer Film Applicator With Stainless Steel Blade

Microm II The Adjustable Microm II Consists of the Following:
  1. A finely machined SS knife-blade fitted into slots in the end section allows vertical adjustment of the blade.
  2. Two finely-made micrometer barrels that can be easily set so that gate clearances can be adjusted from 0-0.250" in increments of 1 mil (.001") w/resolution to 1/2 mil (.0005"). Thimbles & barrels of the micrometers are dull chrome.
  3. A special clear anodized aluminum frame with 2 end sections that provide a large paint well. The end sections also serve as ergonomic operator hand grips when drawing down wet films.
  4. Rare earth magnets hold the SS blade firmly in place allowing for quick, easy detach & cleaning. (The 2" applicator does not utilize the rare earth magnets and only uses one non rotating spindle micrometer that is fixed to the blade via two set screws.)
  5. Replacement blades are easy to install & calibrate.


Tefcrom - Gardco's Teflon® Coated Microm II Film Applicator

Tefcrom The entire side plates are Teflon® coated, this makes it ideal for fast clean up (non-stick) and has one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid also Teflon® is very non-reactive.

These types of applicators are also used for casting films on thin substrates, the Teflon® coating helps prevent tearing of  the substrate by minimizing friction with the substrate.

(Note: blades are stainless steel)


Solid (PTFE) Teflon Microm II - Gardco's Solid Teflon Side Plates (PT Series)

The solid Teflon side plate Microm II Applicator (PT Series) has an added dimension of being manufactured out of Solid Teflon giving it the ultimate in non-stick and the lowest coefficient of friction available.

This type of applicator prevents tearing of especially thin substrates with the minimum amount of friction to the substrate.

Shown with Optional Digital Micrometer Head.


Digital Microm II - Gardco's Digital II Micrometer Film Applicator

Digital Microm II
All of our Microm film applicators 4" or wider can now be ordered with Digital Micrometer heads with the following features:
  • 0.00005" (0.001mm) digital graduation
  • Digital LCD display with inch and metric readout
  • SPC output transmits results to a computer or external device through an interface cable (sold separately)
  • Ingress Protection to IP65
  • Satin chrome finish on thimble sleeve helps resist rust
  • Spindle lock to hold measurements in place.
  • Metal Magnet bushing


Xtra-Value Digital Microm II - Gardco's Economy Film Applicator

Digital Microm II
All Microm II Film applicator 3" or greater can now be fitted with the Xtra-Value electronic micrometer heads. The electronic micrometer heads offers:
  • One button conversion from inch to metric units

  • Large LCD display

  • Resolution: 0.00005" and 0.001mm

  • Direct RS232

  • Friction thimble

  • Ingress Protection to IP54

Optional Locking Mechanism - add $100.00

Microms This optional locking mechanism is for mechanical micrometers.

PTFE Teflon Coated Blade Option - sizes 2-9" add $195.00, sizes 10-15" add $235.00, sizes 16" and longer available - please call for pricing

  • Non-stick
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Typical Coating Thickness

You can now purchase any Microm Film applicator with a PTFE coated blade. The blade is coated with a tough, durable PTFE film that provides excellent non-stick properties which makes for easy cleaning and good corrosion resistance. It also makes the blade more durable with exceptionally good abrasion resistance.






Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.

Microm II item numbers below.
add /T to item no. & $100.00 to the price
Solid Teflon
add /PT to item no. & $250.00 to price
For locking mechanical micrometers for the models above, add an additional $100.00
Digital Microm
add $550.00 to Eng. Price, (2" and 3" applicators not available with this option)
Xtra Value Digital Microm
add $350.00 to Eng. Price, (available in 3" and above, item number's begin with AP-9954---)
PTFE Teflon Coated Blade sizes 2-9" add $195.00, sizes 10-15" add $235.00, sizes 16" and longer available - please call for pricing
(Teflon Coated Blades also available as replacement Blades sizes 2-9" are $345.00, sizes 10-15" are $385.00 - please call for longer lengths)

Trade-in any type Wet Film Applicator & receive 10% off the price of a Microm Film Applicator

Item Number Path Width Overall Width Prices Replacement Blade Prices
AP-99500201 2" Eng* 2-1/2" $598.00 AP-99520201
AP-99500203 5.1cm* 6.4cm 698.00
AP-99500301 3" Eng 3-1/2" 584.00 AP-99520301
AP-99500303 7.6cm 8.9cm 684.00
AP-99500401 4" Eng 4-1/2" 592.00 AP-99520401
AP-99500403 10.2cm 11.5cm 692.00
AP-99500501 5" Eng 5-1/2" 602.00 AP-99520501
AP-99500503 12.7cm 14.0cm 702.00
AP-99500601 6" Eng 6-1/2" 610.00 AP-99520601
AP-99500603 15.2cm 16.5cm 710.00
AP-99500701 7" Eng 7-1/2" 616.00 AP-99520701
AP-99500703 17.8cm 19.0cm 716.00
AP-99500801 8" Eng 8-1/2" 626.00 AP-99520801
AP-99500803 20.3cm 21.6cm 726.00
AP-99500901 9" Eng 9-1/2" 659.00 AP-99520901
AP-99500903 22.7cm 24.2cm 759.00
AP-99501001 10" Eng 10-1/2" 669.00 AP-99521001
AP-99501003 25.4cm 26.7cm 769.00
AP-99501101 11" Eng 11-1/2" 704.00 AP-99521101
AP-99501103 27.9cm 29.2cm 804.00
AP-99501201 12" Eng 12-1/2" 714.00 AP-99521201
AP-99501203 30.5cm 31.8cm 814.00
AP-99501301 13" Eng 13-1/2" 995.00 AP-99521301 338.00
AP-99501303 33.0cm 34.3cm 1,095.00
AP-99501401 14" Eng 14-1/2" 995.00 AP-99521401 346.00
AP-99501403 35.6cm 36.9cm 1,095.00
AP-99501501 15" Eng 15-1/2" 995.00 AP-99521501
AP-99501503 38.1cm 39.4cm 1,095.00
AP-99501601 16" Eng 16-1/2" 995.00 AP-99521601
AP-99501603 40.6cm 42.0cm 1,095.00
AP-99501701 17" Eng 17-1/2" 995.00 AP-99521701
AP-99501703 43.2cm 44.5cm 1,095.00
AP-99501801 18" Eng 18-1/2" 1,237.00 AP-99521801
AP-99501803 45.7cm 47.0cm 1,337.00
AP-99501901 19" Eng 19-1/2" 1,263.00 AP-99521901
AP-99501903 48.3cm 49.5cm 1,363.00
AP-99502001 20" Eng 20-1/2" 1,345.00 AP-99522001
AP-99502003 50.8cm 52.0cm 1,445.00
AP-99502101 21" Eng 21-1/2" 1,488.00 AP-99522101
AP-99502103 53.3cm 54.7cm 1,588.00
AP-99502201 22" Eng 22-1/2" 1,549.00 AP-99522201
AP-99502203 55.9cm 57.2cm 1,649.00
* (The 2" applicator does not utilize the rare earth magnets and only uses one non rotating spindle micrometer that is fixed to the blade via two set screws.)

Equivalent metric versions of all of the above models are available. A 6-inch applicator for example, would become a 15.2cm path width blade, adjusting 0.01mm increments to 6.35mm maximum opening.


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